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As I read through the discussion board posts this week, one post caught my eye.  It says, “In order to be a successful teacher leader one has to stay true to one’s beliefs, coupling confidence with humility, and being willing to work with colleagues to improve student learning” (Ackerman, 2010, p.15).  With this kind out outlook, teacher leaders can have a huge impact.

By tapping into teachers, true change can be seen.  “Teacher leadership offers a variety of unseen opportunities for forcing schools out of established frames of reference and towards genuine school improvement (Parkay, 2010, p. 1).  Because teachers are working with students every day, they are full of ideas of how to make improvements.  Having teacher leaders work on curriculum to better meet the needs of the students is a fantastic use of this resource.  Because I have been a singleton for the past two years, I have worked a lot on my own to adapt the adopted French curriculum to meet the needs of my students.  I have turned to the Spanish teachers for help because many similar strategies can work in both of our classes.  Next year, I have the opportunity to develop the curriculum for a new class that I am co-teaching with one of the Spanish teachers called “Introduction to World Language.”  I am very excited for this challenge and opportunity to step up to more of a leadership role.